Monday, February 18, 2008

Canada - Update 3

Sue: the last few days in Canada .....

As I was having a leisurely day at home on Friday Matt had a stack on his snowboard and hurt his shoulder. Nothing too serious, i.e. it's not broken or dislocated. It's pretty sore though. Given that a man's really only useful for carrying heavy things (like suitcases) his usefulness has rather diminished ... just as well he's so cute. Seriously though, it's getting better by the day (except when I ask him to do things).
So Saturday Matt and I didn't board/ski - my knees were still hurtin'. We did get up to the mountain (mainly to return Matt's stuff) and we also managed to catch a bit of an aerial competition at Apex. Those crazy kids certainly get some air!!

Saturday night we went to Bobby and Brant's for dinner (a family that have adopted Dave and Lisa since they arrived in Kaledan). They must be very lonely ... te, he! They've got a great house on the lake that they've designed themselves. It's like walking into Mexico. Very cool. They made us salmon for dinner which was BBQed on a cedar plank. We had a great night. Some pics below:
  • Brant and Bobby preparing salmon on cedar plank
  • Dave and Lisa
  • Matt and Louise (Dave's daughter)
  • Dale (dude that Dave used to work with) and Kaye
  • Brant (in a cowboy hat that he swapped ... i think he came off worst).
  • Few drinks in their lounge room

Sunday we woke to 5 deer outside our bedroom window (see below). We left after brekkie to head back to Vancouver. Thankfully, the roads were a LOT better this time ... no snow!!

Sitting in the airport lounge at Vancouver now waiting for our flight to London. Do I have to get a job yet?!?!?
Sue and Matt


elprincipito said...

Good is a woman.

Storm and Matt said...

Hi you guys :) Found your blog through Elfie's - looks like you've have had an awesome time in Canada! Looking forward to a few drinks and a catch up when you're settled in London. Happy job-hunting, ugh! ;)